Are We Practicing What We Preach?

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Hi, I'm Tanya!

We’ve all seen the memes and the many posts on social media about protecting your energy or peace, but let’s be real how many of us are actually practicing what we’re preaching? It’s so easy to catch on to trends these days, everybody wanna be “woke” or “deep”. I too was one of those people who would tweet “I’m all about protecting my peace” but little did I know those were just words and there wasn’t any action to back up my claims. Let’s be real, how many of us truly know what it means to protect our peace and energy? It took me a while to fully understand and learn what it truly meant to protect my peace (still learning). I’ve had my moments where I know for a fact I was putting my negative energy onto others. I’ve had my moments of being negative Nancy and did some things to others I’m not proud of but thank God for growth. 

My understanding of protecting my peace meant I had to isolate myself from certain people, because they were not good for me and I didn’t have the time or energy to deal with others and the drama they came with(it can really be overwhelming). Have you ever felt entirely drained after interacting with someone? Well, that’s not a good thing, well for me it isn’t. I pride myself on being that person that makes time for everyone who is a part of my life, but that in itself can be detrimental. I had to learn(the hard way of course) that I couldn’t keep letting everyone keep withdrawing from me without making a deposit. At some point in my life I had to realize who I was for, as well as who is for me. It was hard to distinguish who was for me, because in my mind I thought everyone was, based on how available I was for others. In fact, some people are Great pretenders and tend to hide who they are, or have an agenda and before you know it you’re on the receiving end of all their negativity, which soon begins  to pour into your life and then suddenly you’re in the express lane to becoming negative Nancy.
Be careful of the energy you take in. The negative things people may say, if it doesn’t align with what you stand for, then they don’t need to be in your life. We all want to be positive and that’s the way to go about life. No one needs to be walking around like a negative Nancy. I’m already tired from work and school as it is, I don’t have anymore energy to dedicate to being negative or to entertain negativity.


Does this mean everyone is negative, or we should go about life thinking everyone is negative or develop a negative opinion of others, hell no! Who has that much time anyways? It’s important to know that we are all different people and we should accept people for who they are despite our differences. However, accepting someone for who they are doesn’t mean that you allow any and eveything a space to thrive in your life. Once we find out who we are, who is for us and who we are for, that to me is protecting your peace. I’m all about positivity and growth.

I’ve lost friends who I thought was gonna be friends for an eternity but due to the negativity on both of our parts that was not so. Everyone is not meant to be in your life forever, especially when what you’re about is not in alignment with what the other person is about; growth and development should always to precedence should be a top priority. Take for example oil and water,  water is a necessity for our daily living and oil we use for so many different things, now these two are essential for us when used individually but put them together and they separate. I say this to say that we can all exist as human in the wider world but we don’t all need each other to survive. We all can’t be for everyone and that’s a fact.

I’m not sure if you’ve ever heard about the garbage truck story, I’ve never heard of it until recently. Someone very near and dear to my heart made me read it after I was complaining about not knowing how to get the rid of some of the negative people in my life. This story basically says “Many people are like garbage trucks. They run around full of garbage, full of frustration, full of anger, and full of disappointment. As their garbage piles up, they need a place to dump it, and sometimes they’ll dump it on you.”  Now I’m not saying that as friends as soon as one of our friends comes to us with an issue we should automatically think that person is negative, or should cut them off because let’s be real we all have our moments when we’re sad or not feeling as positive as we should, heck it’s life, everything won’t always be great. From first-hand experience I’m simply saying, know what and who is for you and who you are for, be mindful of who you give your energy too, if it keeps interrupting your peace then you need to follow your heart and let go of it. I’m still learning, but the moment I realized what I was willing to accept and not accept I’ve seen a vast improvement in my life. I’m still a work in progress, but, I now choose who and what I give my energy to. Protecting my peace is what I’m all about, my goal in life is to be fully at peace and to be genuinely happy with my life (I hope this is a goal for you too). If someone or something  isn’t contributing to your life in a positive way, then there’s no need for you to continue giving them your energy. Think about how much better life would be if you didn’t give your time and energy to something that wasn’t worthwhile.

It’s important we take time to know who we are, follow our heart and keep elevating. Go be great and stay focused!

Xoxo Tanya

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  1. Grace says:

    “We all can’t be for everyone” speaks volumes. We often times get caught up with what we can’t do. I love this, everyone isn’t a permanent fixture in your life, growth happens. Wish them the best and move on. The quicker we realize this the better for all parties involved. You have to protect your energy above all.

  2. Great post! You’re right we definitely have to put those words into action.

  3. I wish we could do gifs, I’d post snaps, snaps, snaps! Gotta protect your energy, and in order to do that, you have to practice what you preach. Protecting you isn’t a phase, you can’t turn that on or off, its a lifestyle and most people wouldn’t understand.

  4. “Many people are like garbage trucks…” This is such an accurate analogy! I’m guilty of it sometimes but more often the dumping ground lol. Great post- definitely made me think more!

  5. blackgirlzen says:

    I think many people are using the words “peace” and “woke” as a trend but do not know the true meaning. To live that kind of life, you see the world and your life differently. During that process, you have to accept that you will lose some friends along the way and be ok with that.

  6. Lala says:

    This was deep sigh I swear you be making these blogs just for me . 😊

  7. Dafrastar says:

    I have slowly had to let go people just like the ones you described. I WANT to be happy go lucky forever, and it;s okay if people think that makes me a fool; I refuse to be a bitter broad.

  8. astoldbyali says:

    Great post! Really made me start thinking.. whether I’m being a negative Nancy due to other people or a dumping ground for some hmmm..

  9. Kee says:

    I agree with letting go of things and even ppl. in our lives that bring us misery. No matter how much we love them, sometimes it’s just better to let go. Somethings/ppl. Are there for a season not a lifetime.

  10. Khia says:

    You touched on assuming that the people you were there for would do the same for you. That’s a tough one for me. Still learning and learning what boundaries to set for myself as far as protecting my peace.

  11. Jazzzie says:

    Great piece on peace. 😁 Can’t speak for others but I definitely practice what I preach about peace. My peace is priceless and I protect it quite well however I too had to learn how to do so. But for me I put my peace before everything and my cut off game is strong. As an empath in too sensitive to negative energy so I just can’t have it around me.

  12. Kendro says:

    Great post. I learned this a long time ago about others’ energy and about making sure my energy is on point. There’s a difference between being a negative person and having a negative moment and that’s something we have to understand as well.


  13. Just reading this post. Great share. I like the garbage quote. I know people like this.

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