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Hi, I'm Tanya!

Hey guys I know it hasn’t been 2 seconds since my Miami trip but your girl got the chance to attend Afropunk Atlanta last weekend(look at me, living life 2 weekends in a row lol). I’ve heard about Afropunk before but never attended so it was only right that once I heard there was one to be held in Atlanta, I just had to be there. For those not familiar with what Afropunk is, it is a festival that basically celebrates Black Excellence through art, film and music.
As soon as I purchased the tickets, I began my quest to find an outfit that was Afropunk-ish. Now I’m no fashionista; in fact, I hate clothes(well shopping for myself lol). I was thinking what can I wear that’ll make me look eccentric and chic at the same time. I even got outfit ideas from my blogging friend Kendro, her style is something I’ve come to admire. I’m as indecisive as they come, especially when it comes to fashion, thank God for my mother, sisters and Gigi who I deem as my personal stylists although they too get totally fed up of me and my indecisiveness lol.
The week leading up to Afropunk I still didn’t have my outfit for both days. I Was talking to my friend and she said “you nuh need fa buy nothing, I’m sure you have stuff in your closet you can wear.” She wasn’t wrong, truth be told I think I suck at putting together an outfit lol. I decided what I was going to wear and all was right with the world(praise dance).
Day 1
Day 1 of AfroPunk was amazing! But of course, being the black and Caribbean people that my sister, friends and I are, we arrived there 3 hours later than we initially planned. The parking lot was about a mile or 2 from the venue. As we walked, I realized we were walking pass The salon where they filmed STAR. Being the tv fanatic that I am, of course I geeked out and took pics lol. The line to get into the venue was short and we got in quickly. The first thing we did was find the area where the food was lol. The food was good GREAT, lemme tell you that chicken & waffles was on all the points in the world! I also had some chicken tacos and also some jerk chicken kebabs and French fries. The lemonade at Afropunk seems like the Queen Beyonce made it herself, that was the best lemonade I’ve ever had in my life(sorry grandma and mommy), it sure quenched my thirst.
Day one was “Lit” like the young folks say; I’m not gonna lie, most of artists there I wasn’t really familiar with but I’m now a fan of them. The emcee did an excellent job at keeping us entertained, I had a swell time. The nights’ headliner was Miguel and let me tell you he sang all the songs I wanted to hear. Anyone who knows me, knows I LOVE R&B music and I especially like when artists perform their songs live(gimme raw vocaaaaaallllllsssss) Miguel did just that. By the time day one was over, I was sure I wasn’t going to make it to day 2, my back and feet had failed me like a midterm exam.

My friend Keela and I-  photo by Demetrius Williams

My sister Chloe and her friend Shemar- photo by Demetrius Williams
Day 2
I think I was more excited for day two because I knew some of the artists and I was anxious to see Solange, she was the day 2 headliner. As usual we went to find food because food really is vital. The weather this day was wayyyy better than day 1 so that made me really happy. The performer who I thoroughly enjoyed was Alice Smith, her voice is like water, so smooth and her tone is like no other. The next performer was the fabulous Willow Smith. I did not know this girl could perform this well, she was totally amazing. During her performance my friend Keela and I said to each other “I wonder if her parents are with her” I mean wouldn’t it be so cool to see the great Smith family in person?? Lol. Towards the end of her performance she brought out her fabulous mama the beautiful Jada Pinkett Smith and I totally lost it raeeeeeee. Weird enough when Jada came on stage, the first thing that came to mind was the grapefruit scene from the movie ‘Girls Trip’ I know my mind goes to weirdest places at the weirdest times lol. I would pay money to see her perform again.
The night’s headliner was Solange, the stage set up for her was similar to what I’ve seen on her Instagram page. I remember saying to myself Matthew Knowles sure raised two wonderful performers. As small as the stage at Afropunk was, she still managed to have her stage set up in a way to enhance her performance. I like when my performers make an effort to give their fans an amazing experience. From the time they announced Solange was about to hit the stage, I felt like my level of blackness had increased. Black excellence was a major element from day one of Afropunk, but when Solo came on it heightened. Now I was a fan of Solo when I saw her in one of Bow Wow’s music video and when she was featured on lil Romeo’s  song ‘True Love’ (listen to this song at least once a week) but I’ll be honest before A Seat At The Table the only album I owned for her was SolAngel and the Hadley St. Dreams. It’s no doubt I’m a huge fan of her sister but to see her growth and to see her slay in her own lane was amazing.
Black excellence was very prominent in her performance. I felt every lyrics from every song way down in my soul. This was truly an amazing experience, Solange has truly evolved into an amazing performer. When she sang songs from her older album the feeling of nostalgia kicked in. She has really blossomed.
For some reason seeing her perform motivated me to just be the best version of myself. It’s not easy being in the shadow of Beyonce and to see her carve out her own path and is killing it, gives me hope. I told myself after that performance that I can do anything I put my mind to, no matter how many stumbling blocks may come my way, I will find a way to turn them into stepping stones. Never be afraid to create your own lane and to SLAY in that lane.

Day 2
Overall my Afropunk experience was nothing short of pure bliss! I will definitely be back next year!
Xoxo, Tanya

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  1. Kennia Allen says:

    Great read! I’m glad you had a blast!

  2. I like your intro about your just getting back from Miami. When I saw your title, I was inwardly saying “Go girl” have fun. I like that your living life. Glad you enjoyed yourself with your friends. Nice/fun pictures too.

  3. Kee says:

    Excellent post!!! Just excellent

  4. astoldbyali says:

    I’m so jealoussss!! Omg Glad you had fun tho!! Next time more pics so I can live through you lol 💕🙌

  5. Erin says:

    Wow! I didn’t know there was an AfroPunk Atlanta. So sad I missed it but it sounds like you had an amazing time!! Makes me want to go next year. I can relate about the indecisiveness when choosing outfits lol that is my daily mood.

  6. Jailyn says:

    Sounded and looked so fun! Great post!

  7. Great post and i lovveee ur outfits ❤

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