Christmas Gift Guide For Nursing Students/ Healthcare professionals

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Hi, I'm Tanya!

Christmas is right around the corner and I’m sure many of you are like me  squandering to buy last minute gifts (procrastination really is my middle name). No worries I’m here to help. I came up with a short list of things you can get the nursing student, nurse or healthcare professional in your life for Christmas. If they’re a little like me in any way, a little will go a long way. I know for me I’m satisfied with a handwritten note, because showing a little appreciation is all we need, after all school is no joke and working in the healthcare field is no easy fete.

Let me stop blabbing (as if we’re not late already) get to the list I created. Some of these I don’t own and are on my personal wish list (family take note ) but I also think any of these would be ideal for you guys.


OneStarbucks Gift Car-: I’m probably the only person in the world who’s not a big fan of Starbucks. It’s not that I’m not a fan but it might be the British in me but I’m more of a tea person. Probably the only thing I make sure I get up to make before leaving for my day. However, this would be an ideal gift, if you happen to be running late or had a really long night you can just grab you some Starbucks on the go. There’s a Starbucks on almost  every campus so it will definitely come in handy. This will be such a thoughtful gift plus it’ll help save your nursing student some money.



Two–  Stethoscope: Now for the longest while a rose gold Littman stethoscope has been on my wish list but I’ll be honest I haven’t been able to quite fit it into my budget as yet. A really good Stethoscope is NOT cheap! Gifting a stethoscope will surely take the burden off of any future nurse or doctor. This is a vital instrument to have.  You can find very cost effective stethoscopes on amazon (amazon has EVERYTHING).


Three– White Coat Clip board: I wish someone gave me this the very first time I started nursing school. This is so clutch, it can hold your notes so you won’t have to worry about losing any of your information. And it does help that it contains day to day references you’ll need such as lab values, pain sites and so much more.


Four– Apple Watch  I don’t own an iPhone so this is not an ideal gift for me. However, I know many of you have an iPhone and from what I’ve seen from my different classmates it is such a good thing to have. It comes in so handy especially with the “no phone during class” rule. You’ll have the ability to see who’s calling, check text messages and emails etc. One day I was in class and one of my classmate said “I need to stand now” I found her statement to be so random and asked her why she thought she needed to stand now and she told me her watch just told her to. I couldn’t help but LOL it was so funny yet amazing at the same time, so it keeps you fit as well. It’s an investment piece but definitely worth it. This watch low-key makes me want to get an iPhone; who am I kidding lol.


Five–  A Good Book I’m an avid reader, in my free time I love to read a good book. Critical Care: A new nurse faces Death, life and everything in between is a book a nurse practitioner from my country recommended to me so I’m recommending it you. This will be a great book for a future nurse as well as a very new nurse.



Six- Nursing/ Healthcare Merchandise: This is a shameless plug, this year I took a leap of faith and launched my online store for my blog a couple of months ago. This store has merchandise catered for those in the healthcare profession or simply for the every day working individual. Check it out and gift that special someone in your life or even yourself one of the cool items from my store.








I hope this list helps you out as last minute as it is. Please share what’s on your wish list as well as your go to gifts for your loved ones in the comments below.

xoxo, Tanya

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  1. mssparkleandglow says:

    great wishlist hun, they do have the android version for your android

  2. This is a perfect Christmas list. Great items for the nursing student.

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