Birthday #27

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Hi, I'm Tanya!

bday blog 1 

I am pretty new to this blogging life but nevertheless I think it’s pretty cool that I was able to launch my blog the week after my birthday. I consider this to be to a birthday gift to myself (yayyy me). In today’s blog you will gain a little insight into my birthday celebration. 

I’ve ALWAYS been one to celebrate my birthday in grand style, whether it may be big or small. I am going to be honest, the weeks leading up to my birthday, I was not as excited as my previous birthdays. Like a true Gemini I was just going through various moods and could not find an explanation for how I was feeling. I had to give myself a pep talk to get out of the sunken mood I was in. Anyone who knows me is quite aware that immediately after my birthday I literally would start counting down to my next birthday (yes, I am that dramatic lol). This is something my cousin and I have been doing since we were little girls. You’re probably thinking is this girl crazy? Truth is I am a bit dramatic but ever since I’ve known myself my birthdays were always special, from the many gifts I would receive to the extra special treatment I would get (can’t blame a girl for loving the special treatments). Anyway.. let me stop ranting and elaborate a little on how I celebrated. 

My birthday just so happens to fall on Memorial Day weekend and during Atlanta’s Caribbean Carnival. Now being an Island girl it was no doubt that I was super excited to attend the different fetes. I must admit at first I was a bit skeptical because when you’re coming from an Island where our carnival is MAJOR I had to wonder what Atlanta had in store for me. I kept an open mind. The day of my birthday started off with me praying and thanking the Almighty for the opportunity for another year, a hug from one of my closest friend and I was able to be pampered at the local nail salon. My boyfriend gifted me with a wonderful art piece, by the talented Kendra Davis, which I am deeply in loooove with.  The time flew by so fast that day, it was time to get all dolled up for event number one (raeeeeeeeee). This event was called ‘Epic day Party’ let me tell you it lived up to its name, I literally danced off my shuuz (shoes). I later went to a Machel Montano concert where the dancing continued. The whole weekend was filled with pure joy and happiness. I spent it with my cousins and close friends and we all had a fantastic time. As an overthinker, I had no care in the world and for the first time in a while I found myself having pure genuine fun. I am hoping to keep this up throughout my 27th year.  The love I felt over my birthday weekend reminded me that I need to appreciate the people in my life. The goal is to stay positive and do more of what makes me happy throughout year 27.

Below you can find photos from birthday weekend celebration!

birthday outfit 2


Art Piece done by Kendra Davis



blog post 3

After effect of Colorgasm

blog post 4

‘Wear White Fete’ with cousin and one of my best-friend

bday blog 2

Repping my Country #TeamAntigua


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  1. Junique says:

    Go girl…enjoy your life…only one you have

  2. Anesta says:

    Hi T, love your Blog.

  3. Kennia says:

    Love it! Glad you had a great time!

  4. That painting by Kendra Davis is awesome! I also love your ensemble.

  5. Ayeee happy birthday dear 🎊🎉☺

  6. Heide says:

    Nice, enjoy your life !!!!

  7. I love that you started your birthday with prayer! And that festival sounds so fun! Happy belated birthday! xo

  8. I do the countdown as well. Mine is in two weeks. I have always gone all out for my birthday. I’m glad you had a great birthday and the art is amazing.

  9. Sasha says:

    Love it!! Happy you had a great time! Those fetes look like tons of fun!

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