A Simple Encounter Can Change Your Perspective

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Hi, I'm Tanya!

Every now and then we may encounter someone or read something somewhere that serves as inspiration to us. Recently, while at work I had an encounter that gave me all the hope I needed. A patient of mine was having a really hard time that night. She’s a hospice patient and anyone in the medical field knows that a normal O2(oxygen level) sats ranges from 95 to 100. Well in this case my patient’s own was in the 50’s but given her condition that was considered normal. Anyways before I start treading in waters that will have me violating HIPPA let me get to the point.

Given the condition of my patient I had to call the on call hospice nurse that night. The moment the hospice nurse walked into the building, I knew she was as “badass” as they come just by the way she walked. In case you want know how she walked, she walked with a vengeance and exuded confidence! The nurse went into the room and I followed her just simply because I was fascinated. The nurse told me I didn’t have to stay but after explaining to her that I am currently a nursing student and seeing a nurse in action intrigued me she said it was ok to stay. From that moment until she left the facility a mere 3 and a half hours later, I assisted her with everything and she used that moment as a teaching opportunity. After she was done with our patient, she came to the nursing station where I was sitting and started talking to me. She heard my accent and asked where I was from and I proceeded to tell her my background. I found out she has been a nurse for 40 years, I was SHOCKED! This lady didn’t look a day over 40, I guess the saying of “black don’t crack” is true. She inquired about my schooling and of course I told her my story. She pointed out that nursing these days seem to focus more on academia when it should be focused more on the clinical aspect. That’s not to say that the academic part isn’t important but she pointed out that some people are good when it comes to the theory aspect of nursing while others excel more in the practical aspect.

She told me nurses are to be well rounded and forward thinking and also that nursing is about common sense, compassion and knowledge. For some reason that statement stood out to me which motivated me to write this post. She encouraged me to fight the good fight and to not give up on my goals and dreams.

Something about this conversation gave me hope I needed for my future in nursing. It’s always good when someone whether you know them or not encourages you when you least expect them to. Sometimes a simple statement or word can offer one hope. It doesn’t matter your profession or where you are in life always remember you can do anything you put you mind to. One of my favorite scripture to recite when I feel like things aren’t going my way and when I’m on the brink of giving is I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me.

All in all when you think positively the chances of something positive happening will be high. Yes, I know it’s easier said than done but I’ve learned that thoughts becomes things. A simple encounter with someone can change your perspective in so many different ways.

Have you ever encountered someone who made you feel good about yourself or gave you the boost you never knew you needed? Feel free to let me know, I would like to hear your thoughts.

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  1. astoldbyali says:

    Yes! So true, one of my coworkers are like that. I get inspiration from them daily and they don’t even know lol But just from observing them and speaking to them it gives me hope

  2. Yes, I have had one of these encounters. It’s one of my new coworkers who is the same age as I am and who left her life that she knew to run passionately after her dreams. Now, I am along for the ride with her and to think that she actually scared me a little bit when I first met her, and I thought that we would never get along. We’re now making big plans for how we can work together to advance our dreams. LOL

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