10 Things To Do During Your Break Between Classes

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Hi, I'm Tanya!

Hey, guys! I hope your semester is going well. I’ve been struggling with balance this semester but I’m getting there. I’m in my last year of undergrad so things just seem more hectic than usual than in my previous semesters. I know it’s every college student’s dream to have the perfect schedule. I know for me, I prefer to have classes in the morning so that I can be home and have the rest of the day to do whatever I want. Unfortunately, not everyone can get their desired schedule and often, we end up with a gap in between classes. It doesn’t matter if you live on campus or commute each day like me, we all struggle with figuring out what to do between classes. I’ve been getting better at using my time wisely between classes so I’m sharing some ideas with you. This list is a pretty accurate representation of what I do when I have a long gap! I hope it helps you guys in some way.



We all know nutrition is important when it comes to our health, and eating right will definitely “Feed your brain.” This is also a good way to keep your energy up. I know sometimes throughout the day my energy decreases and I always wonder what’s wrong with me. But I realize when I eat or snack on something, my energy level gets a spike. Be sure to keep snacks in your backpack and to take lunch if possible even if it’s a sandwich. This is also another way to save money. Make the time to fit eating into your schedule.


This should be a no brainer. Whether you have 30 mins or 2 hours in between classes, be sure to get some work done! I’ve realized the more I do during my break at school, the less work I’ll have to do when I get home. Let me tell you, my commute to and from school takes about an hour and ten minutes but with Atlanta’s traffic it sometimes takes me longer and I tend to be exhausted by the time I get home. So, realizing I did most of the work is a lifesaver and allows me to focus on another class or to just relax or review material from the day. The pro in doing this is that you won’t have to stay up late at night working on an assignment because you would’ve already started it! The key is just to start.


This is another way to use your time wisely. There’s always some quiz or exam that will be coming up. Find a comfortable area and study, there’s no greater feeling than being prepared. Rewriting notes is an effective way to improve memorization skills. I’ve been having so much fun rewriting my notes and it also helps me to retain information.


This is a good way to reconnect and improve relationships. As I’m writing this blog post, I just met up with one of my classmates who I now call my friend and we’re catching up on life and getting some work done while also taking pics for the gram lol.


One of the beauties of college is that there is the opportunity to work on campus by way of work-study. Most on-campus jobs are very flexible and they work well with your class schedule. If you happen to have a couple of hours in between classes be sure to jump at this opportunity and make some extra cash. Tutoring is another option to make some extra money while on campus.


I’m sure on each syllabus you’ve received this semester your instructor’s office hours are listed. If there’s something you need help understanding and you’re too embarrassed to ask in class or if you need clarification on an upcoming assignment, this is the time to stop by and visit your professor. This will give you the clarity you need and it will form a connection with your professor and to show them that you’re interested in the class and to be successful in the class. I did this one semester and I was able to form a bond with one of my professors which allowed me to be part of a research team headed by him. You just never know what can happen from this. Plus if you need a recommendation this will be a great person to have.


I’ve been working on getting back into the habit of reading at least a book a month. I like to take my book with me everywhere in case I get free time or feel bored, I can just read while I wait for my next class.


I’m not going to even lie, I do this ALL the time. I try to give myself some “me time” during my classes depending on which time of the day it is and catch up on some shows on Netflix. I also usually catch up on my sports show on YouTube to see what’s going on in the sporting world, I’ll watch interviews from some of my favorite celebrities, or watch videos from the channels I’m subscribed to.


Nothing feels better than a power nap. Some of us are going to school full time and work. I work mostly night shifts and sometimes I am simply just exhausted. A break in between classes is a great time to take a power nap and to re-up on your energy. You’d be surprised how effective it can be.


You may have more downtime on campus between classes joining a club may be a good idea. Step out of your comfort and join a club. Almost every major has its club. At my school, I’m a member of the Public Health students club. This is a good way to get involved and to meet new people.


This is the medium your professor will use to get in contact about anything class-related. Most college students tend to neglect their school email but it is very important. You can find out if the class is canceled if an assignment is due or delayed or anything for that matter. You get information about registration dates and financial aid. Check them as often as possible. I linked my school email to my phone so I don’t miss any emails.


What do you do in between classes? Let me know!


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