Should You Get The Flu// Benefits And Myths About The Flu Shot

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Hi, I'm Tanya!

 Since my previous post about the flu shot  Should You Get The Flu Shot: Yay or Nay? , I have come to the realization that the topic of vaccinations can be a very touchy subject. People get into arguments, stop talking to friends all because of a difference of opinions, yes it can get that intense. I guess I never realized how sensitive this subject can be as vaccinations isn’t as controversial back in Antigua where I’m from than it is here in the US. While here in the US most people are reluctant to get certain vaccines, that is not the case back home(Antigua) or at least that’s as far as I know.

The intention of this post is to bring awareness to the necessary measures available to protect ourselves however we see fit.

        So, what is the flu shot anyway? According to the Center for Disease Control and Prevention, the flu shot is a vaccine given with a needle usually in the forearm. The flu shot is meant to protect against three or four influenza viruses that researchers say will be most common throughout the flu season. Many people question whether or not they should get the flu shot each year. However, what many fail to understand is that the virus changes each year thus requiring the vaccine to be different as well. The vaccine has more preventative effects than others so keep in mind, you can still get the flu even after getting the vaccine. I know you’re probably thinking then what’s the point of even getting the flu vaccine? But what’s that saying we all know and hate? “Prevention is better than cure”, right. The risk tends to be somewhat lower.

        Influenza (flu) is a serious illness that I think many of us, including myself take for granted. This illness can lead to a prolonged time off from work (we all could use a break from work but still lol), to hospitalization and sometimes even death. We should all be aware that the flu season starts from November to about May. The Center for Disease Control and Prevention states that everyone from the age of 6 months and older should get the vaccine but of course, this is still a choice. According to the Center of Disease Control, the vaccine is important for those at high risk including, adults 65 years and older, nursing home residents, pregnant women, immunosuppressed patients and children less than 5 years old, the latter I’m not that sold on yet. Most of us who get the flu, tend to recover in about 2 weeks but that is not always the case with others as some can get bacterial infections, or worsened chronic health problems etc.

If you’re like me and are into the many different natural remedies(which I use so often they hardly ever work these days lol) you might be a little more reluctant to taking the flu shot.

        Like with many other things, there are always some myths that are associated with the flu shots. The following are some common myths:

  •      The Flu shot will make you sick.
  •      The Flu shot does not always work.
  •      Children and pregnant women should not get the flu shot.
  •      Healthy individuals do not need to be vaccinated.
  •      If you got  vaccinated the year before, you are still protected.

    The flu shot is always a choice. I am in no way telling you what to do when it comes to the flu shot, I’m only trying to bring some awareness because I know we all have our own perceptions about the flu shot. The choice is ALWAYS yours. The CDC and other  public health agencies have said that the Flu shot will prevent the risk of being ill as well as reduce the risk of hospitalization for children, working age adults and the elderly and can serve as a preventative tool for people with chronic health conditions. Ultimately we have the right and choice to decide what we want to do after all we live in the land of the free.

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