My Current Skin Care Routine

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Hi, I'm Tanya!

How many of you are practicing what you preach and are really taking the time to take care of yourself? Instead of chiming in with everyone and who says “Self-care Sunday” just because it seems cool or everyone is doing it?

As I get older, I am working on taking much better care of myself, physically and mentally. I’m so used to taking care of everyone else that I end up putting myself  last. I woke up one day and decided that I was going to stop putting myself on the back burner. Yes, I believe you can wake up one day and change your outlook on things. If you don’t like something…change it.


So, I decided to dedicate more time to being selfish which meant taking the time putting the extra effort into my self care and my skincare. Although I have a super hectic schedule and most times I just want to get up and go, I take 10 mins to prep my skin for the long day or night ahead. You know that saying “Black don’t crack?” Well, I have some disappointing news because black actually does crack; I’ve seen it. I have decided to make skincare a habit even if it means waking up extra early in the mornings  because it’s important that I make sure that I won’t crack later in life, lol.

I am normally a product junkie and I have used many products but over the last few months, I’ve been using the ANEW brand  from Avon….yes, people still use Avon products. (AATSL insider:In an upcoming post I will be blogging about Avon because people have been sleeping on this company lately). Below I will be listing the products that I have been using and in my opinion I have seen a BIG difference in my skin. I am in love with these products; they are everything.

Step by Step Daily Skincare Routine:

Because of my crazy work and school schedule, I try my best to keep my morning and evening skincare routine pretty simple: Cleanse, Tone, Mask/Scrub, Serum and Eye Cream and finally Moisturize. I also use some of the products interchangeably depending on how my skin feels or how I feel lol.

Step One- I use the Anew clean comforting cream cleanser and mask which helps to remove dirt, oil and other impurities. I sometimes interchange and use the Anew Ultimate Cream Cleanser and this leaves my face feeling smooth and silky.


Step Two- After I cleanse my skin, I use the Anew Revitalizing Toner which removes what my cleansers would leave behind to ensure that all the dirt is removed from my face.


Step Three- Serum and Eye Cream, now I would use either the power serum or the vitamin C brightening serum and then I apply the eye cream, this comes in clutch because with the long days I have it helps to keep me youthful and not look extra tired, and it also brightens up my under eyes leaving me dark circle free.  



Step 4/ Final Step– Moisturize! This is a vital part of my skincare routine and should be something you make a habit. I absolutely love the Anew Ultimate multi-performance Day cream SPF 25   moisturizer because it does not leave my face looking oily. I will say, a little goes a long way when applying this moisturizer. I apply this daily which keeps my skin moisturized and gives my skin that glow it needs to start the day. I also use the night cream moisturizer for night  which helps to revive my skin and keeps me looking young.


Now I know some of you may think that four steps is a lot but it really only takes about 10-15 mins especially for someone like me who do not use a lot of makeup. These are easy steps to follow and taking care of your skin is very important to continue looking youthful.

What products do you use as part of your skincare routine?

Oh and stop sleeping on Avon people! if you are interested in using or trying the ANEW brand let me know.

Until next time,
xoxo Tanya

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