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Hi, I'm Tanya!

Over the last few months, I have been working on my spiritual growth. For those of you who know me, know I grew up in the church like many of us back in the day. I have never lost my faith but they were times when I would question my faith, especially when things weren’t going the way I wanted them to go. A few years ago, I made a commitment to focus on my spiritual growth. I would meditate in the mornings, have my devotions etc and to be honest my life felt different and better. However, somewhere along the way I fell off the wagon, I would go to sleep without saying my prayers and as far back as I can remember I’ve been praying before bed (shout out to my grandma, RIP) there was just always an excuse and for some reason my life felt more disrupted than usual. I’ve decided I need to DO BETTER.

In addition to my spiritual growth, I’ve taken a keen interest in manifesting and knowing about my natal chart, rising sun, my gates and more. To be honest I’m just putting in the work so that I can live my best life. I’ve had my faith and whenever I’m going through something or I’m at my wits end, something always works out. God is indeed an on time God. Ever since I’ve been working on being more consistent to my faith and manifesting, life seems to be getting better; I am not where I want to be but I’m getting there. When I fell off track, my life seemed to have gotten chaotic and I’m not trying to have that happen ever again.

With all that being said, I had an experience where I manifested something and actually believed in it. Now I’ve always been a firm believer in praying and asking for what you want but this one felt different. My apartment lease is up the end of the month and as usual I always procrastinate and was late with my apartment hunting. I wrote in my new moon journal that I had the apartment and I prayed on it and guess what? I took my application in and got approved. I know you’re probably thinking yea, yea, anybody can get approved but this particular place I wanted wasn’t easy to get. For me, I felt like I manifested it. This was my first time manifesting something and it came through and once again He was on time. There’s a saying “pray without ceasing” and that’s so true. I remember one time in Sunday school I asked something to the effect of “why should we have faith, why should we believe in God” and my Sunday school teacher said something like it’s based on our beliefs, we believe in things we can’t see and that’s where faith comes in. We must have faith that certain things will work out because most times they always do.

I say this to say that what we must be mindful of what we put into the universe. If we put out positive energy out we can expect to get it back, if it’s going to be negativity then that’s what you will get. When it comes to manifesting, I’m not only talking about material things because I’ve done it for my relationships as well. I’ve manifested better friends and asked the universe to eliminate the people not good for me. This one has been moving a little too slow for me but I have seen the shift happening but I know that patience is key especially when it comes to manifesting and prayers being answered.  Walk by faith and not by sight; remember you get what you give. I’m still working on being a better person and fully understanding who I am, but I am putting in the work and that’s all that needs to be done. You can’t expect results if you don’t put in the work.

In other news!!! I am super excited for this move and I can’t wait to show you guys more, I’m excited to do more DIY projects and decorate my new place, something I didn’t do much of at my old place.












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  1. astoldbyali says:

    Congrats on the new place! All the best with you journey xoxo

  2. I so wish I could be there to help with the diys!!!! Can’t eat to see the new place. Congrats on the new place hun and may God bless your new place.

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